This week is Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a week where we are able to show that we are against drugs by particiapting in the dress days. Starting from Monday to Friday, there were different dress themes. On Monday, we were able to wear sweats because "being drug free is no sweat!" On Tuesday, the theme was "too bright for drugs." On that day, we were able to wear our brightest shirt or sweater. Wednesday was "wear your wackiest clothes" day. On that day, we were able to mismatch our clothes. Thurdsday was crazy hair day, and today (Friday) was jersey day. I participated in almost all of these days. My favorite day in Red Ribbon Week is jersey day because we get to show our team pride, and we don't get to represent our favorite teams at school that much. 
     I think that Red Ribbon Week is a great idea for schools. It gives students a chance to be creative and different. It also shows that they really are against drugs. Of course, it is always fun because you get to show your silly, and wackiest ideas against drugs. 
      Since the 2nd quarter started, I made many goals for myself to accomplish. My goals are more challenging now, since I accomplished all of my goals in the 1st quarter. I know that I am capable of doing many more things. Some of my 2nd quarter goals have to deal with school, at home, and the way I act. 
      I have many academic goals for the 2nd quarter. My main goal is to get straight A's again. I know that things will become harder, which is why I want to push myself to that goal. I know I can do it because I have done it before. Another thing is to finish reading more quickly. I usely take a long time to finish a book, but this quarter, I'm trying to spend at least a week to finish a whole book. 
     My goals at home are very different from school. One of my goals to accomplish at home is finish my homework before 7 PM. I get distracted fast, and I start procrastinating therefore it causes me to finish all of my homework around 9 PM. I would also like to take my dog for walks more often. He is always trapped in the backyard and I feel sorry for him. My other goals are towards the way I act. I want to be nicer and respectful to everyone. I want to try to give everyone compliments and smiles! 
     Today is the last day of the 1st quarter!! Woohoo! I'm very excited because it's finally time to finalize my grades. So far, I have straight A's, and hopefully it stays that way when all of my teachers enter in more grades. So far, my 1st quarter at Computech has been awesome. I met so many people, learned so many things, and I truly feel like I'm apart of Computech. I thought that I wouldn't be able to accomplish my goals in the 1st quarter, but I doubted myself. I accomplised all of my goals, and I'm really proud of myself. I know that hard work really pays off! 
     During this 1st quarter in Computech, I had the opportunity to explore and get use to this school. Now that the 1st quarter is over, I know almost everything about Computech (except for all the teachers). A part of me thought that I was not going to succeed at Computech, or maybe even survive the first week, and the other part of me knew that I was capable of doing everything Computech had to offer. I had the determination to attain all of my goals and have fun here at Computech. The 1st quarter passed by faster than I had expected, but I;m glad that it's over because I have accomplished a lot so far. I'm looking forward to the next 3 quarters because I know I'm going to make more accomplishments. 
    We  are currently learning how to correctly search for things with Google. I am glad we are doing this because I have learned a lot of new things about searching with Google. All these lessons are very helpful and they come in handy. We also take notes in class on the videos we watch and then we do activites based on that video lesson.
     One of the things I have learned from Google Search that is very helpful is using the CTRL-F button to find things on a website. Using Control F helps you find your information faster and it saves you time. When you click Control-F, there will be a little bar where you can type in what you are searching for. Then it searches your query for you. It also gives you the number of results the words that you typed in the page. CTRL-F is very helpful and I know I will be using it a lot. 
     Another things I have learned from this progam is using the minus sign to exclude the information you don't want. This also comes in handy because it takes you directly to the specific information you want. It prevents you from wasting time searching for something that doesn't involve with the thing you are searching for. For example, if I wanted to learn about Halloween, I would type that into my query. I only want the know the orgin of it. I know that Halloween involves costumes, decorations, fun activites, etc, but that's not what I'm searching for. So in the query, I would type in Halloween orgin -costumes -decorations because costumes and decorations is not what I am searching for. That would directly take me to pages that involve the orgin of Halloween.
     There are many things I have learned from Google Search, but these things stood out the most to me. 
     In my  future, I plan to do big things and become very successful. I am still deciding on what my career should be, but I'm leaning towards being a pharmacist. Why a pharmacist you may ask? Well, I like helping people. By helping people, I could give them the right medicine to make them feel better. And also, you get paid a pretty good amount. It will also be challenging; I'm always up for challenges!  
     I also hope I get into my dream colleges: UC Berkley, UC LA, or University of Kansas. But I really hope I get to go to UC Berkley because it is around the bay area, and I LOVE the bay! Also, it is a very good school. I also hope I get to drive my  DREAM CAR, a 535i white BMW. That car is so gorgeous, and hopefully I get to have that too.  I also hope that I get at least 50 more pairs of Jordans.... 
     All these ideas are apart of my future plan. I know I can achieve all these goals and make it my reality soon. I want to look back at my life when I'm older and say, "wow, I had a great life." 
Yes, I swim at school. How cool is that?! The swimming unit for my P.E class just barely started this week. It is very fun, even though I don't know how to swim at all! But I know I'll learn how to eventually. 
     Everyday except Thursdays, we go to Edison where the pool is located. This swimming unit will be going on for 4 weeks. Where you swim at depends on your skill level. For example, the kids who are really advanced swim by the 4-10ft area. Those who do not know how to swim (like me) swim around the 3-4ft area. We usually swim with noodles. But today was different and funner. We got to play something similar to volleyball, but just in water and with a very, very big colorful ball. Everybody gets to show off their swimming; wether you are advance or not. Hopefully, I am a better swimmer by the time this swimming unit is finished. I think our class is the only class that will be able to swim! I know this experience will be memorable. 

    "My Digital Life" has taught me many things about modern day technology. I never knew a website like this existed. It is very helpful and educating. 
     I learned many things from My Digital Life. I learned how to correctly use the internet, what to do to keep your presonal information private, what the parts of a computer are, and much more. What I found very useful is learning how to make sure that you are on a secure page. You don't want to end up going on a website that can give your laptop/computer a virus. A way to know that you're on a trusted site is by looking at the top of the page to see if there is a locked key. Obviously, the locked key resmebles that your information is locked and secured. 
     I also learned how to create a very strong password to protect your account of any type. You don't want to create a password that is easy for hackers to easily guess and crack. A strong password should have symbols, numbers, and important, memorable letters. My Digital Life also gives you ideas of careers that involve technology. They give you advice on what to do now, so you can be on the right path for that career.
     These are some of the things this program has taught me. I will keep these lessons in mind whenever I use the internet. I know these lessons will be helpful in the future when I apply online for jobs, shop online, etc. 
      I think it is awesome to able to call someone your best friend, and actually trust them with anything. A best friend is more of like a family member. A best friend should always be there for you, support you, and just be a good friend. 
     I have a lot of friends, but I only call a few my best friends. I can say, my best friends are awesome. They always give me good advice, they care about me, they make my day, and they're just great friends. All my best friends I either call my sister or brother, because like I said,  they are like family. 




      I'm so very excited for fall to start. Fall is my favorite season of the year because it's a break away from sweating! When it's cold and gloomy outside, you could stay in, drink hot chocolate, watch football! (GO 49ERS!) Oh how relaxing that is! The beautiful autumn colors on the trees: red, orange, and yellow. It makes fall look so beautiful and bright. You get to wear nice, warm sweaters, furry boots, beanies and mittens, all so cute and fashionable for the season. But the best part is, spending time with your family on holidays. That is my most favorite about fall. I can't wait for Thanksgiving too! Oh, and Black Friday! I'm definitely going to shop until I drop. I'm already concerned about fall even when the very sorchoring temperatures are still around. Fall, in my opinion, is the best season of the year. Fall, I'm anxiously waiting for you!
      Are you ready for the 2012 Presidential Election? Because I know I am! I think the upcoming presidential election should be very important to all U.S. citizens. The reason for that is because I think it is an honor to have the freedom to vote for someone that YOU think will be able to keep America thriving and successful. If nobody cared about voting and such, I think America wouldn't be how it is today. I do care about this upcoming Presidential Election because I don't want to end up with a president controlling a country if he/she does not know what they are doing. Take advantage of the voting and get your opinion out there!