In my  future, I plan to do big things and become very successful. I am still deciding on what my career should be, but I'm leaning towards being a pharmacist. Why a pharmacist you may ask? Well, I like helping people. By helping people, I could give them the right medicine to make them feel better. And also, you get paid a pretty good amount. It will also be challenging; I'm always up for challenges!  
     I also hope I get into my dream colleges: UC Berkley, UC LA, or University of Kansas. But I really hope I get to go to UC Berkley because it is around the bay area, and I LOVE the bay! Also, it is a very good school. I also hope I get to drive my  DREAM CAR, a 535i white BMW. That car is so gorgeous, and hopefully I get to have that too.  I also hope that I get at least 50 more pairs of Jordans.... 
     All these ideas are apart of my future plan. I know I can achieve all these goals and make it my reality soon. I want to look back at my life when I'm older and say, "wow, I had a great life." 

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