This week is Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a week where we are able to show that we are against drugs by particiapting in the dress days. Starting from Monday to Friday, there were different dress themes. On Monday, we were able to wear sweats because "being drug free is no sweat!" On Tuesday, the theme was "too bright for drugs." On that day, we were able to wear our brightest shirt or sweater. Wednesday was "wear your wackiest clothes" day. On that day, we were able to mismatch our clothes. Thurdsday was crazy hair day, and today (Friday) was jersey day. I participated in almost all of these days. My favorite day in Red Ribbon Week is jersey day because we get to show our team pride, and we don't get to represent our favorite teams at school that much. 
     I think that Red Ribbon Week is a great idea for schools. It gives students a chance to be creative and different. It also shows that they really are against drugs. Of course, it is always fun because you get to show your silly, and wackiest ideas against drugs. 

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