I'm very excited about this upcoming weekend because we have an extra day off of school. My only plan for this weekend is to relax. It has been a very long, exhausting week of school. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family. On the weekends, we usually cook and make dinner together. We always make something delicious, such as pasta. Yum!! Oh, and hopefully I remember to finish my homework for Core! 
      I had two main fears for starting 7th grade. My first fear was not making new friends, and my second fear was not getting good classes. Fortunately, not making new friends did not happen. As school started, I met a lot of cool people. I'm glad I made new friends because the people I've met are really friendly and some have same interests as me. Making new friends did not make me feel so lonely. As a matter of fact, I made another new friend today! 
     My next fear also did not come true. I have awesome classes and wonderful teachers. I'm looking forward to learning about my different teachers and also learning new things from them. My 7th grade year at Computech is going to be awesome! 

       First of all, I think bullying is a really horrible thing to do to anyone or anything, whether it is phyiscally or verbally. I know a friend of mine that was being bullied at schoool because of her apperance. At the time, I was there when she was being bullied. My friend and I both told that person to stop it because it was not nesscary. My friend told an adult afterwards, and that bully faced some serious consequences. I'm glad my friend and I dealt with that issue in an appropiate way. I wish that person never had started a problem with my friend because bullying doesn't really do any good or solve anything. Bullying is a really serious thing, so you should never judge a person because you don't know what they have been through.
      The use of computers have greatly expanded over time. Before the 21st century there was not much use of technology due to limited technology. As of today, computers are pretty much used for everything. From designing buildings, to controlling our appliances. Modern technology has helped us in our every day living. Inferring from how computers help us in our modern lives now, the future of computer technology should improve and become more convenient for everyone.