Since the 2nd quarter started, I made many goals for myself to accomplish. My goals are more challenging now, since I accomplished all of my goals in the 1st quarter. I know that I am capable of doing many more things. Some of my 2nd quarter goals have to deal with school, at home, and the way I act. 
      I have many academic goals for the 2nd quarter. My main goal is to get straight A's again. I know that things will become harder, which is why I want to push myself to that goal. I know I can do it because I have done it before. Another thing is to finish reading more quickly. I usely take a long time to finish a book, but this quarter, I'm trying to spend at least a week to finish a whole book. 
     My goals at home are very different from school. One of my goals to accomplish at home is finish my homework before 7 PM. I get distracted fast, and I start procrastinating therefore it causes me to finish all of my homework around 9 PM. I would also like to take my dog for walks more often. He is always trapped in the backyard and I feel sorry for him. My other goals are towards the way I act. I want to be nicer and respectful to everyone. I want to try to give everyone compliments and smiles! 

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