Yes, I swim at school. How cool is that?! The swimming unit for my P.E class just barely started this week. It is very fun, even though I don't know how to swim at all! But I know I'll learn how to eventually. 
     Everyday except Thursdays, we go to Edison where the pool is located. This swimming unit will be going on for 4 weeks. Where you swim at depends on your skill level. For example, the kids who are really advanced swim by the 4-10ft area. Those who do not know how to swim (like me) swim around the 3-4ft area. We usually swim with noodles. But today was different and funner. We got to play something similar to volleyball, but just in water and with a very, very big colorful ball. Everybody gets to show off their swimming; wether you are advance or not. Hopefully, I am a better swimmer by the time this swimming unit is finished. I think our class is the only class that will be able to swim! I know this experience will be memorable. 

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