"My Digital Life" has taught me many things about modern day technology. I never knew a website like this existed. It is very helpful and educating. 
     I learned many things from My Digital Life. I learned how to correctly use the internet, what to do to keep your presonal information private, what the parts of a computer are, and much more. What I found very useful is learning how to make sure that you are on a secure page. You don't want to end up going on a website that can give your laptop/computer a virus. A way to know that you're on a trusted site is by looking at the top of the page to see if there is a locked key. Obviously, the locked key resmebles that your information is locked and secured. 
     I also learned how to create a very strong password to protect your account of any type. You don't want to create a password that is easy for hackers to easily guess and crack. A strong password should have symbols, numbers, and important, memorable letters. My Digital Life also gives you ideas of careers that involve technology. They give you advice on what to do now, so you can be on the right path for that career.
     These are some of the things this program has taught me. I will keep these lessons in mind whenever I use the internet. I know these lessons will be helpful in the future when I apply online for jobs, shop online, etc. 

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