I'm so very excited for fall to start. Fall is my favorite season of the year because it's a break away from sweating! When it's cold and gloomy outside, you could stay in, drink hot chocolate, watch football! (GO 49ERS!) Oh how relaxing that is! The beautiful autumn colors on the trees: red, orange, and yellow. It makes fall look so beautiful and bright. You get to wear nice, warm sweaters, furry boots, beanies and mittens, all so cute and fashionable for the season. But the best part is, spending time with your family on holidays. That is my most favorite about fall. I can't wait for Thanksgiving too! Oh, and Black Friday! I'm definitely going to shop until I drop. I'm already concerned about fall even when the very sorchoring temperatures are still around. Fall, in my opinion, is the best season of the year. Fall, I'm anxiously waiting for you!

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