Wow, I can't believe school is coming to an end already! It feels like it just barely started a week ago, now it's the last Friday we'll have at school. Since school is almost ending, I'm already starting to plan things for summer. I'm really excited about my friend visiting from Texas because I haven't seen her for like 4 years and we've been childhood friends for a long time. I plan on hanging out with her like the good old days. Another thing I look forward to is traveling. Just like most people, my family and I are probably going to the beach or the bay. Going to the bay is a traditional thing and we go almost every year. I also look forward to going to the waterpark next friday! Woohoo!
        Despite all the adventurous things waiting for me,  I am really going to miss school. Although it caused a lot of stress and hard work, I'm still going to miss it. From meeting new people, to achieving the goals I set for myself, that's what made this year memorable. I think I have grown, but I'm really not sure. One thing's for sure is that I learned a lot this 7th grade year. I remember thinking Computech was going to be so difficult for me, but now that I think about it, I'm capable of everything there is to do at Computech. I'm so thankful for all of my wonderful teachers teaching me everything I need to know. And all of my awesome friends making Computech fun. Not only did I learn bout school skills, but I also learned a lot about people and who I chose to hang out with. It's crazy how you can learn all of this from just attending Computech. Just one more year, and then there will be no more junior high for me! D: 
This week has been very busy! So many assignments have been assigned, and we have so little time to do them. In my Rocketry class, we have to make a presentation on time, and then create something that will measure five minutes. The deadline for it is on June 6. I thought it wouldn't be difficult to create something, but even the most simplest thing was the hardest to create! We have to make sure we have time to build and test it out. My partner and I are currently in the process of building.
         Another thing that has been assigned was the Explorers project for core. The project has three big parts to it, and it's all due today!! We only had three days to do it, which I think it is not enough. If we want to do very well, I think we should have more time to do it, but I guess I have no control over that. Well, anyway, this project is worth like almost 100 points! I'm glad I have core for my last two periods, and that I'm halfway finished with everything. 
          Then there's another project for math. It's not really a big project, but it just involves a lot of work. Throughout the week, we completed two tasks. From those two tasks, we have to pick one to present about. That's the most challenging part because presenting is not my thing! I'm more glad that we have a three day weekend coming up! I just plan on relaxing this weekend. It will definitely be a good break away from school. 
Today is the day. Today is the day I fail. Today is the day my science grade goes down to an F. In science, we are taking a test with 80 questions!! 80 questions about the human eye, light, reflection, refraction, etc. I feel like I am going to fail this test because I have no idea what is going to be thrown at me. I've studied so hard, and that includes studying all the diagrams and vocabulary. I really hope I do good because if I do, my science grade can go up to an A. If not, it can go lower than it already is! I currently have a B, but it has a very low percentage. 
          Most of my friends told me what was going to be on the test. Some said it was extremely hard and some said it was kind of easy. They also told me that there would be diagrams on there, so I'm going to make sure I really study them again. I really , really hope I do  I have never felt so nervous about a test! Well, wish me luck!!!!  
Do you know who K.Dot is? If you don't., then you are not a true fan! K.Dot was Kendrick Lamar's rapper name before he became really known. He decided to go by his real name because he felt like he should show people who he really is. Well, I freaken love Kendrick Lamar as a person and I love his music even more. Whenever I listen to his music, it puts me into a better mood. Most of his songs are easy to understand and some are relatable  The first song I ever heard from him was "She Needs Me." From there, I continued to his music. I have heard of his mixtapes EP, Overly Dedicated and his album Section 80, and his latest album, Good Kid M.A.A.D City. 
           His music is just sooo good. No words can express its greatness! His flow is great. His lyrics are great. His rhyme is great. Everything about him is great. Good Kid M.A.A.D City was named the best album of the year, and it is almost platinum ! He is finally receiving the fame and respect he really deserves. He has been working hard since 2003, and it is finally paying off. He also started the movement called "HiiiPower." The 3 I's in Hiii stands for heart, honor, respect. 
If you don't like the Warriors, I suggest you keep scrolling down because this whole blog post is about last night's game!! WOOOO! What a great victory for my team, the Golden State Warriors! The game didn't start too well though, but once half time was over, we got back into our game and took those Nuggets back to McDonalds!!! Denver did play well though, and I give them props for working hard. But I'm even more happy for my team for making it to round 2 of the playoffs! This time hasn't been able to play in the playoffs since 2007. That's a great accomplishment for this season's team. It was an outstanding performance from all the players, and it was good to see a lot of them hit those 3s! 
       I missed almost half of the game, but I stayed for the last 2 quarters. It was a great comeback though. Curry shot 3 consecutive threes right when 3rd quarter began. It was beyond amazing! I was so speechless! I'm so happy that we won. It's a great feeling and I bet they're proud too. In the second round, we have to play against the San Antonio Spurs. It won't be easy since they have some really good players, but I think we can take the challenge. I think if we try hard enough, we could beat them! DUB NATION!!!