Do you know who K.Dot is? If you don't., then you are not a true fan! K.Dot was Kendrick Lamar's rapper name before he became really known. He decided to go by his real name because he felt like he should show people who he really is. Well, I freaken love Kendrick Lamar as a person and I love his music even more. Whenever I listen to his music, it puts me into a better mood. Most of his songs are easy to understand and some are relatable  The first song I ever heard from him was "She Needs Me." From there, I continued to his music. I have heard of his mixtapes EP, Overly Dedicated and his album Section 80, and his latest album, Good Kid M.A.A.D City. 
           His music is just sooo good. No words can express its greatness! His flow is great. His lyrics are great. His rhyme is great. Everything about him is great. Good Kid M.A.A.D City was named the best album of the year, and it is almost platinum ! He is finally receiving the fame and respect he really deserves. He has been working hard since 2003, and it is finally paying off. He also started the movement called "HiiiPower." The 3 I's in Hiii stands for heart, honor, respect. 
5/10/2013 04:34:47 pm

I really think this blog was well written. I didn't think you would be a Kendrick Lamar fan. I thought I was the only would at the school.


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