Today is the day. Today is the day I fail. Today is the day my science grade goes down to an F. In science, we are taking a test with 80 questions!! 80 questions about the human eye, light, reflection, refraction, etc. I feel like I am going to fail this test because I have no idea what is going to be thrown at me. I've studied so hard, and that includes studying all the diagrams and vocabulary. I really hope I do good because if I do, my science grade can go up to an A. If not, it can go lower than it already is! I currently have a B, but it has a very low percentage. 
          Most of my friends told me what was going to be on the test. Some said it was extremely hard and some said it was kind of easy. They also told me that there would be diagrams on there, so I'm going to make sure I really study them again. I really , really hope I do  I have never felt so nervous about a test! Well, wish me luck!!!!  

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