Wow, I can't believe school is coming to an end already! It feels like it just barely started a week ago, now it's the last Friday we'll have at school. Since school is almost ending, I'm already starting to plan things for summer. I'm really excited about my friend visiting from Texas because I haven't seen her for like 4 years and we've been childhood friends for a long time. I plan on hanging out with her like the good old days. Another thing I look forward to is traveling. Just like most people, my family and I are probably going to the beach or the bay. Going to the bay is a traditional thing and we go almost every year. I also look forward to going to the waterpark next friday! Woohoo!
        Despite all the adventurous things waiting for me,  I am really going to miss school. Although it caused a lot of stress and hard work, I'm still going to miss it. From meeting new people, to achieving the goals I set for myself, that's what made this year memorable. I think I have grown, but I'm really not sure. One thing's for sure is that I learned a lot this 7th grade year. I remember thinking Computech was going to be so difficult for me, but now that I think about it, I'm capable of everything there is to do at Computech. I'm so thankful for all of my wonderful teachers teaching me everything I need to know. And all of my awesome friends making Computech fun. Not only did I learn bout school skills, but I also learned a lot about people and who I chose to hang out with. It's crazy how you can learn all of this from just attending Computech. Just one more year, and then there will be no more junior high for me! D: 

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