This week has been very busy! So many assignments have been assigned, and we have so little time to do them. In my Rocketry class, we have to make a presentation on time, and then create something that will measure five minutes. The deadline for it is on June 6. I thought it wouldn't be difficult to create something, but even the most simplest thing was the hardest to create! We have to make sure we have time to build and test it out. My partner and I are currently in the process of building.
         Another thing that has been assigned was the Explorers project for core. The project has three big parts to it, and it's all due today!! We only had three days to do it, which I think it is not enough. If we want to do very well, I think we should have more time to do it, but I guess I have no control over that. Well, anyway, this project is worth like almost 100 points! I'm glad I have core for my last two periods, and that I'm halfway finished with everything. 
          Then there's another project for math. It's not really a big project, but it just involves a lot of work. Throughout the week, we completed two tasks. From those two tasks, we have to pick one to present about. That's the most challenging part because presenting is not my thing! I'm more glad that we have a three day weekend coming up! I just plan on relaxing this weekend. It will definitely be a good break away from school. 

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