If you don't like the Warriors, I suggest you keep scrolling down because this whole blog post is about last night's game!! WOOOO! What a great victory for my team, the Golden State Warriors! The game didn't start too well though, but once half time was over, we got back into our game and took those Nuggets back to McDonalds!!! Denver did play well though, and I give them props for working hard. But I'm even more happy for my team for making it to round 2 of the playoffs! This time hasn't been able to play in the playoffs since 2007. That's a great accomplishment for this season's team. It was an outstanding performance from all the players, and it was good to see a lot of them hit those 3s! 
       I missed almost half of the game, but I stayed for the last 2 quarters. It was a great comeback though. Curry shot 3 consecutive threes right when 3rd quarter began. It was beyond amazing! I was so speechless! I'm so happy that we won. It's a great feeling and I bet they're proud too. In the second round, we have to play against the San Antonio Spurs. It won't be easy since they have some really good players, but I think we can take the challenge. I think if we try hard enough, we could beat them! DUB NATION!!! 

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