Iron was a very important material back in the day, and still is now. Iron was first discovered by the people in West Africa. That discovery really made a big impact on their lives because it was very helpful to their lives. Iron made their lives much easier in many ways. 
    In West Africa, people did many things with iron. One of the things they used it for was for farming. They made tools that made clearing land much easier and quicker. The result of that made more land for houses to be built. And also when more houses were built, more people lived in the area. That caused the population to expand. They also made weapons with iron. The weapons were able to defend them. The people that were the first to build things from using iron was the Noks. They gained much respect and power. The good thing about iron is that it was reusable. So if you wanted to build something else, you could just use iron again. The people of West Africa soon started to trade with iron for gold and other things. Iron was a really big impact on West Africa. 
    Africa has a very diverse landscape and climate. All the sections in Africa have different climates. In some regions, it is always raining, but in some regions, it is dry all year long.  Because of the diverse climate, it effects people in many ways. There are 4 climate regions: the desert, sahel, savannah, and rain forest. I think the the Sahara desert is the region that is the most effective. 
     Although it covers most of North Africa, it stills revolves around the rest of Africa. The Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world, and nobody could survive in its scorching weather. The reason why I think it effects everyone's lives is because the desert is really dry. Rainfall is rarely found in that part of Africa. Humans and animals can not survive without water, therefore it would be difficult to live there. Many people need water to farm and feed their animals in Africa. It would also be difficult to live in the desert because it is always hot. The temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees. I think nobody or anything could survive in that type of weather. Water is very important to the daily life. 
     I also think that the rain forests are effective. Although it does provide a lot of water for crops and animals, it could still be effective. There are a lot of trees in rainforests; therefore, people could cut it down anytime they want. That means they are destorying the homes of many animals. Also, a lot of rain can cause floods. Floods can destory many homes.
     The spread of Islam was mostly developed by trading. Traders from Arabia went all over the world to trade, and they shared their religious ways to other people. Muslim traders also came in contact with people who had different beliefs and culture. Trading really help spread Islam because people also came to Arabia to trade, and Islam was introduced to them. Some people even converted to Islam. That played an important role in the spreading of Islam. Another way Islam was being known was by conquest. Many caliphs and their empires conquered different parts of the world. Most Muslim empires made the people that were already living the land they conquered become Muslims. So the people who were conquered had to learn the Muslim practices and teachings. Mosques were also built almost everywhere the Muslims has conquered.  The Muslims had conquered many places in the world such as: parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The main point is that trading and conquest played an important part of the spread of Islam.
     Of all the Five Pillars of Islam, I think the one that is really hard for Muslims to do is fasting. Muslims have to fast during the month of Ramada. They can't eat or drink anything for a month during a specific time period of the day. The reason why they do that is because it is their way of showing God that he is more important than one's self. It is also because they are able to feel the struggle of those who are homeless and don't have any food. 
     I think this pillar is the most difficult to do in the Islam religion because you have to go a month without food and water. I think that is very difficult because food gives you energy. So if you don't have energy, you can't really do much. It would be unfortunate when you are hungry too.  You also can't drink anything, not even water. I think that would be difficult to do, especially for a month. If I were to do this pillar, I would probably only last 2 hours because I get hungry fast. My best friend is Muslim and she tells me that fasting isn't a big deal to her because she has done it so many times so she is use to it. Although this involves a month without food, I also think it is a good cause because it allows people to feel the struggle of those who don't have food to eat everyday.
    Muhammad was a very important person to the Muslim history. It all started when he was meditating in a cave when suddenly an angel appeared. According to the Muslim people, they say that the angel had come to give messages to Muhammad from God. And that's where the history of the Islam religion developed. 
     Muhammad was a kind person, and he had faith in what he believed in. Since the God had sent the messages to him, he was a person who was very religious and respectful. I think people were interested in hearing what he had to say and his teachings because long ago, there was not much. So the people probably needed something to depend on and believe it, which Muhammad taught. He taught that the wealthy people should help out the poor, people should treat each other equally, etc. At first, a lot of people did not like the idea of monotheism, so they refused to follow Muhammad. He had some followers, though. At the end, Mecca, where he lived at, welcomed him back and accepted Islam as their religion. Muhammad was a passionate person. 
I have been living in this town my whole life, and I haven't gone anywhere because of difficult transportation, and money. Every other week, I see the caravan traders pass by into our town. "Man, I wish I was one of them.. That would be such an adventure if I was one of them.." I say to myself every time I see them, but I know a chance like that wouldn't come by. 
     Usually,  I  daydream  about what my life would be like if I could trade across the desert, or even travel anywhere else. That would be so exciting. Maybe if I was older, I could join the caravan, but even when I am older, I doubt that I would be apart of it.  I'm  just stuck in this old town, with the population of 200, just trying to survive day by day. Trading for food and such is difficult, because this town is just so far from everything. That is another reason why I would like to be apart of the caravan. 
     One day, one of the people of the caravan gets very ill and cannot travel around anymore. My uncle tells me I'm old enough to join it. I was so shocked, happy, and surprised. Is this real? Something that I have been wanting to do, actually come true? My uncle asks me if I want to join, and also says that it will involve days of traveling by camel. That did not change my opinion. I still wanted to be apart of it. But I had to ask my parents. 
     I asked my parents; they did not like the idea at first, because they didn't want me to get hurt or anything, but they finally approved my decision. I was delighted, but I know my parents would miss their only child. The next day was the first day I travel across the desert. I was anxious and excited. This made a very big impact in my life 
     Here I am now. Ever since I have joined the caravan, I have been coming home every other week, providing my parents and some other people with food and needed supplies by trading. This wasn't bad at all.
There was a simulation in our core classroom last week. That simulation involved the Roman Empire and the barbarians. I had the role of a provential, but I forgot what province I was representing. Though I do remember that my province was popular for honey and grapes. 
     If I could have had another role of this simulation, I would choose to be apart of Rome. Although they were defeated at the end, and their empire fell apart, I would still like to have that role. I would've have carefully help choose the provinces that needed the most help and trade with them. Because being a Roman, you pretty much have control of most things. 
     I learned many things from this simulation. It helped me learn about the Fall of Rome better.
Today is September 11th. One of the most horrific and dreadful day that ever occrued in U.S. History. When this happened, I was still a baby. I don't have much memory of it. As I got older, I learned more about it. Honestly, that event was such a tragedy. All those innocent people who were killed during it didn't deserve to die. I don't know much about it, but I do know it was a terrorist attack. Those people destroyed the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. I know that this highly affected every American citizen. Our country will hopefully continue to thrive and be appreciative. 
       September 11th, 2001 will never be forgotten. Rest in peace to all of those innocent souls who had to lose their lives to this situation. My prayers goes out to all of their loved ones.
I am currently reading this very interesting book called The Mysterious Benedict Society. At first, I thought this book would be so boring. But after reading it, I actually developed an interest for it. I picked this book because it was a random choice and it was the one that caught my eye. It also has about 100,000 words which is perfect for Reading Counts for Core. 
        I am not going to explain the whole story, but I'll summarize what I have read so far. There are 4 kids named Reynie, Constance, Kate, and Sticky. All of these kids are orphans. They came across an advertisement on the newspaper and it said,"Are you a gifted child? Well, you should definietly take this test!" and it gave an address to where the test was being taken. Reynie took that test, passed it. There were a series of test, and it's not your ordinary ones. There are 3 tests to the series and he passed them all. Along the way, he met the 3 other kids: Constance, Sticky, and Kate. After the reason for the tests were explained from the person who created them, Mr.Benedict, they were put to be apart of a very dangerous mission. 
        The mission was very complicated, but not so complicated for the very intelligent childern. There were secret messages being sent into people's brains without them even knowing. They are sent through television, cell phones, and radios. Children were being used to send these messages. The messages were very effective. Many people have disappeared because of these messages. No one knew about it except Mr.Benedict, his assistants, Number Two and Rhonda, and their body guard, Milligan. Of course, now the children knew. But that wasn't the point. 
        These messages were being sent from an Institute only for the most intellegent kids, ever. Mr. Benedict wants these 4 kids to go into the Institue disguised as secret agents. They have find out what the messages really mean, how they work, how it's sent, and who's behind it all. The reason why the mission is so dangerous is because the kids could be kidnapped and used for these messages. The Sender, the person who is behind the messages, only chooses kids to send the messages. So the kids have to be very careful. 
          So far this is what I have read. I'm looking forward to the ending. Hopefully you are interested in reading this book!