Muhammad was a very important person to the Muslim history. It all started when he was meditating in a cave when suddenly an angel appeared. According to the Muslim people, they say that the angel had come to give messages to Muhammad from God. And that's where the history of the Islam religion developed. 
     Muhammad was a kind person, and he had faith in what he believed in. Since the God had sent the messages to him, he was a person who was very religious and respectful. I think people were interested in hearing what he had to say and his teachings because long ago, there was not much. So the people probably needed something to depend on and believe it, which Muhammad taught. He taught that the wealthy people should help out the poor, people should treat each other equally, etc. At first, a lot of people did not like the idea of monotheism, so they refused to follow Muhammad. He had some followers, though. At the end, Mecca, where he lived at, welcomed him back and accepted Islam as their religion. Muhammad was a passionate person. 

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