Africa has a very diverse landscape and climate. All the sections in Africa have different climates. In some regions, it is always raining, but in some regions, it is dry all year long.  Because of the diverse climate, it effects people in many ways. There are 4 climate regions: the desert, sahel, savannah, and rain forest. I think the the Sahara desert is the region that is the most effective. 
     Although it covers most of North Africa, it stills revolves around the rest of Africa. The Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world, and nobody could survive in its scorching weather. The reason why I think it effects everyone's lives is because the desert is really dry. Rainfall is rarely found in that part of Africa. Humans and animals can not survive without water, therefore it would be difficult to live there. Many people need water to farm and feed their animals in Africa. It would also be difficult to live in the desert because it is always hot. The temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees. I think nobody or anything could survive in that type of weather. Water is very important to the daily life. 
     I also think that the rain forests are effective. Although it does provide a lot of water for crops and animals, it could still be effective. There are a lot of trees in rainforests; therefore, people could cut it down anytime they want. That means they are destorying the homes of many animals. Also, a lot of rain can cause floods. Floods can destory many homes.

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