I am currently reading this very interesting book called The Mysterious Benedict Society. At first, I thought this book would be so boring. But after reading it, I actually developed an interest for it. I picked this book because it was a random choice and it was the one that caught my eye. It also has about 100,000 words which is perfect for Reading Counts for Core. 
        I am not going to explain the whole story, but I'll summarize what I have read so far. There are 4 kids named Reynie, Constance, Kate, and Sticky. All of these kids are orphans. They came across an advertisement on the newspaper and it said,"Are you a gifted child? Well, you should definietly take this test!" and it gave an address to where the test was being taken. Reynie took that test, passed it. There were a series of test, and it's not your ordinary ones. There are 3 tests to the series and he passed them all. Along the way, he met the 3 other kids: Constance, Sticky, and Kate. After the reason for the tests were explained from the person who created them, Mr.Benedict, they were put to be apart of a very dangerous mission. 
        The mission was very complicated, but not so complicated for the very intelligent childern. There were secret messages being sent into people's brains without them even knowing. They are sent through television, cell phones, and radios. Children were being used to send these messages. The messages were very effective. Many people have disappeared because of these messages. No one knew about it except Mr.Benedict, his assistants, Number Two and Rhonda, and their body guard, Milligan. Of course, now the children knew. But that wasn't the point. 
        These messages were being sent from an Institute only for the most intellegent kids, ever. Mr. Benedict wants these 4 kids to go into the Institue disguised as secret agents. They have find out what the messages really mean, how they work, how it's sent, and who's behind it all. The reason why the mission is so dangerous is because the kids could be kidnapped and used for these messages. The Sender, the person who is behind the messages, only chooses kids to send the messages. So the kids have to be very careful. 
          So far this is what I have read. I'm looking forward to the ending. Hopefully you are interested in reading this book!

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