Of all the Five Pillars of Islam, I think the one that is really hard for Muslims to do is fasting. Muslims have to fast during the month of Ramada. They can't eat or drink anything for a month during a specific time period of the day. The reason why they do that is because it is their way of showing God that he is more important than one's self. It is also because they are able to feel the struggle of those who are homeless and don't have any food. 
     I think this pillar is the most difficult to do in the Islam religion because you have to go a month without food and water. I think that is very difficult because food gives you energy. So if you don't have energy, you can't really do much. It would be unfortunate when you are hungry too.  You also can't drink anything, not even water. I think that would be difficult to do, especially for a month. If I were to do this pillar, I would probably only last 2 hours because I get hungry fast. My best friend is Muslim and she tells me that fasting isn't a big deal to her because she has done it so many times so she is use to it. Although this involves a month without food, I also think it is a good cause because it allows people to feel the struggle of those who don't have food to eat everyday.

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