I have been living in this town my whole life, and I haven't gone anywhere because of difficult transportation, and money. Every other week, I see the caravan traders pass by into our town. "Man, I wish I was one of them.. That would be such an adventure if I was one of them.." I say to myself every time I see them, but I know a chance like that wouldn't come by. 
     Usually,  I  daydream  about what my life would be like if I could trade across the desert, or even travel anywhere else. That would be so exciting. Maybe if I was older, I could join the caravan, but even when I am older, I doubt that I would be apart of it.  I'm  just stuck in this old town, with the population of 200, just trying to survive day by day. Trading for food and such is difficult, because this town is just so far from everything. That is another reason why I would like to be apart of the caravan. 
     One day, one of the people of the caravan gets very ill and cannot travel around anymore. My uncle tells me I'm old enough to join it. I was so shocked, happy, and surprised. Is this real? Something that I have been wanting to do, actually come true? My uncle asks me if I want to join, and also says that it will involve days of traveling by camel. That did not change my opinion. I still wanted to be apart of it. But I had to ask my parents. 
     I asked my parents; they did not like the idea at first, because they didn't want me to get hurt or anything, but they finally approved my decision. I was delighted, but I know my parents would miss their only child. The next day was the first day I travel across the desert. I was anxious and excited. This made a very big impact in my life 
     Here I am now. Ever since I have joined the caravan, I have been coming home every other week, providing my parents and some other people with food and needed supplies by trading. This wasn't bad at all.

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