I am a hunter-gatherer in North America. I have been moving around place to place, searching for food and following the animals. As I have searched around, I found a place that has perfect climate, and it has many more food sources, such as plants and fruits. Warmer climate means that I am able to grow more food and more animals will be found around this area. I have been thinking if I should make a permanent home here, or keep going in search of food and home. Some people say that I should stay, but others say I shouldn't. This is a very hard choice.
         I wouldn't mind staying here in this area because it has almost everything I need. With the warm climate, I could grow more plants and fruits. I could also sell and trade with these plants and fruits.  I don't have everything, but this area would provide something for me. It will also be good for all of my people. We could build a village and continue from there. 
The best book that I have read here at Computech for my 7th grade year would have to be a book called "The Mysterious Benedict Society." I read this book for my reading log for Core. When I first got the book, I thought it would be super boring, and it was very long too. But I thought to myself that I should give it a try. When I read it, I couldn't stop reading! I definitely learned like judging a book by its cover is a really bad thing!
            The Mysterious Benedict Society is my favorite book because it involved a lot of risky adventure and action. After reading interesting parts, it just wants to make you keep reading to see what will happen next. I also loved the main idea of this story. It was about four children, but not just any children. They were incredibly smart and they were the only ones who were "different." So their mission was to find who is behind sending secret messages to people and brainwashing kids to do specific things. Basically, they were trying to find someone or something to stop them from controlling people by machines. So then these kids meet this man named Mr. Benedict, and the story goes from there. You will have to read the whole book to see how awesome it is! I really loved this book! 
The Scientific Revolution happened during the Renaissance. The Scientific Revolution wasn't really a revolution, it was more like a time of period when people began to gain more knowledge about science. People also began to experiment things on their own, and they started to stop believing what other people had told them about the world. I think the Scientific Revolution was important in our history because it is like the first big step to science. People started to think for themselves and actually did research. 
        I think if it weren't for that, the world be very different right now. The Scientific Revolution included a lot of science and literature knowledge. The scientific method was also developed during this "revolution." During that time, many people only believed the church. There were many people who proved them wrong. Overall, I think the Scientific Revolution made a big impact. 
Ok, so I really don't have a major problem with anything here at Computech. I love my school just the way it is! But if I had a chance to change something I really wanted, it would be the dress code. The dress code isn't too bad but sometimes it's really strict. I mean, why can't we wear purple? Or have prints on our shoes/sweaters? Here are some reasons to why the dress code should be a little less strict. 
         1. Some people don't get caught with specific things, but others do. I think if thats a case, everybody should be able to wear the same thing. For example, if someone wore purple, but didn't get caught, but somebody else did, that's a little unfair. 
        2. At the beginning of the year, the school dress code said there should be no prints on your backpacks or anything else. I have seen people with prints all over their stuff and they have not been told anything, but others have just for a simple little thing. I think that is also unfair. 
       3. We should be able to wear any color. I know that maybe there will be an exception for red, but why not red, purple, orange, and brown? I don't think those colors will harm anyone. And also I think grey pants should be allowed because it's pretty similar to our colors we wear now (khaki, tan, black, blue)
            That's all I could think of for the dress code. My other two will be for the buses! 1. The bus comes to pick up my station VERY late. Almost everyday! We should be able to get home early. 2nd, sometimes they are very crowded. There should be a 2nd one to pick us up in case anything goes wrong.