I am a hunter-gatherer in North America. I have been moving around place to place, searching for food and following the animals. As I have searched around, I found a place that has perfect climate, and it has many more food sources, such as plants and fruits. Warmer climate means that I am able to grow more food and more animals will be found around this area. I have been thinking if I should make a permanent home here, or keep going in search of food and home. Some people say that I should stay, but others say I shouldn't. This is a very hard choice.
         I wouldn't mind staying here in this area because it has almost everything I need. With the warm climate, I could grow more plants and fruits. I could also sell and trade with these plants and fruits.  I don't have everything, but this area would provide something for me. It will also be good for all of my people. We could build a village and continue from there. 

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