The best book that I have read here at Computech for my 7th grade year would have to be a book called "The Mysterious Benedict Society." I read this book for my reading log for Core. When I first got the book, I thought it would be super boring, and it was very long too. But I thought to myself that I should give it a try. When I read it, I couldn't stop reading! I definitely learned like judging a book by its cover is a really bad thing!
            The Mysterious Benedict Society is my favorite book because it involved a lot of risky adventure and action. After reading interesting parts, it just wants to make you keep reading to see what will happen next. I also loved the main idea of this story. It was about four children, but not just any children. They were incredibly smart and they were the only ones who were "different." So their mission was to find who is behind sending secret messages to people and brainwashing kids to do specific things. Basically, they were trying to find someone or something to stop them from controlling people by machines. So then these kids meet this man named Mr. Benedict, and the story goes from there. You will have to read the whole book to see how awesome it is! I really loved this book! 

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