Ok, so I really don't have a major problem with anything here at Computech. I love my school just the way it is! But if I had a chance to change something I really wanted, it would be the dress code. The dress code isn't too bad but sometimes it's really strict. I mean, why can't we wear purple? Or have prints on our shoes/sweaters? Here are some reasons to why the dress code should be a little less strict. 
         1. Some people don't get caught with specific things, but others do. I think if thats a case, everybody should be able to wear the same thing. For example, if someone wore purple, but didn't get caught, but somebody else did, that's a little unfair. 
        2. At the beginning of the year, the school dress code said there should be no prints on your backpacks or anything else. I have seen people with prints all over their stuff and they have not been told anything, but others have just for a simple little thing. I think that is also unfair. 
       3. We should be able to wear any color. I know that maybe there will be an exception for red, but why not red, purple, orange, and brown? I don't think those colors will harm anyone. And also I think grey pants should be allowed because it's pretty similar to our colors we wear now (khaki, tan, black, blue)
            That's all I could think of for the dress code. My other two will be for the buses! 1. The bus comes to pick up my station VERY late. Almost everyday! We should be able to get home early. 2nd, sometimes they are very crowded. There should be a 2nd one to pick us up in case anything goes wrong. 

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