A majority of people say I look like my father, some people say I look like my mom, and some say I look exactly like my older brother and sister. How is this possible? How do I look so similar to all them? Well, I have notice the appearance of  me and my family. My physical features and traits are made up from the genetics of my whole family. So I can say, my family is literally apart of me.  
     I can say I have my dad's eyebrows, eyes and face structure. My nose and lips look similar to my mom's, my eyes are also similar to my sister's, and I look exactly like my brother. Everyone in my family has black hair, including me. Older people, such as my mom's and dad's friends say I look like my dad a lot, but also a little bit of my mom. My brother's friends call me Little Kerry, which is my brother's name, because we are look so alike. It is very rare that people say I look my sister. Everybody in my family is about 5'7 or shorter. Overall, I think I look very much like my dad and brother. 
     I think I got my personality and attitude from both of my parents. When they were younger, they were very intelligent so the intelligence got passed down to me of course! I get very mad fast, and I have noticed that my mom does too, so I'm pretty sure I got it from her.  I have a lot traits that are similar to my parents and my siblings. I'm really blessed to be apart of a beautiful and awesome family!

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