Plant fossils can be found in Antarctica due to many reasons. I have learned in my science class that the land that we live on today wasn't always how it is now. The continents were once in one big form, and that can explain why plant fossils are found in Antarctica. It is one of the coldest places on earth and no one or anything can survive there for long. So why would there be plants there? Well, when it was once attached to all the other continents, it was probably located in an area where the climate was warm and tropical. When the Pangea broke apart, it became it's own area. 
        Another reason why plant fossils could be found there is because Antartica use to be a land area where animals and plants use to live on due to all the sources that were avaliable. Plants could only survive when there is a lot of sun in the area, and also with water. So, Antartica had to have all those sources in order to have organisms living there. 

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