Recently, we have dissected a frog. It was a really cool experience, and I thought it was very interesting rather than disgusting. So how does the frog dissection help me appreciate the job of a surgeon? Well, the important idea is that  without surgeons, we wouldn't be able to remove things in our body that is not needed anymore, or anything that could be causing problems to any other parts of our bodies. We also wouldn't know how the inside of our bodies looks like. Surgeons are also very important because they actually know what they are doing. You wouldn't want someone who does not know what they are doing cutting your body. I think surgeons should be appreciated more due to these facts. 
         There is a reason why we dissect and operate on other specimens: it's for practice. Without practice, modern surgeons wouldn't know what to do or expect from what they are doing. Like people say, practice makes perfect. I think the more they get use to it, the better they will be. If there weren't any practice, I think people would never want to have a surgery; most people would probably die. Again, the surgeons wouldn't know what they are doing. They would've probably learned in books, but they wouldn't have experienced the real thing. 

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