In the past semester, I have learned and studied for a lot in science. We took about  4-5 major tests that were worth many points, and I studied really hard. On all those tests, I got at least an A-. The way I did that was because I studied. It wasn't easy studying, though. There were some topics that I understood very well, and there were some that I had problems with. The one topic I had the most trouble with was studying for DNA. There was a lot to learn about DNA and I couldn't remember all of it in a short period of time.
       DNA has a lot of information to it. I studied what its made of, what it does, who discovered it, what it looks like, how it duplicates, etc. It was frustrating for me to know and study all of that because it was long and annoying. But I knew that if I tried harder, it would pay off. So I did. I studied for about 2-3 hours everyday until the test came. And on that test I got a 95%. I think my strategy worked well for me because I achieved my goal, which was to pass that test. 
1/17/2013 04:04:05 am

I had a lot of trouble with the DNA subject too. I think your method to study was good.


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