For the zoo project, we are in a group of 4, and each person has a specific thing to research about. The four parts to this project are adaptation, reproduction, classification, and human interaction. I got the role  to research about the classification and general facts of our animal, the Fiji Banded Iguana. The classification and general facts are pretty simple. The classification can be described as what species it belongs to, or what its scientific name is. Those are just examples of the classification. I found most information on wikipedia because simple information like that can be found on there. 
      The general facts of the animal is basically the simple facts about it. Some things I had to research about was its diet, description, etc. I really enjoyed this part because it was simple and easy for me to understand. I also think it is the most important part because it's the area that really describes the animal. Without this type of information, the Fiji Banded iguana wouldn't really be known. 

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