Quizlet is a website used to create online vocabulary flash cards. The cool thing about it is that we could study them online. There are different games that involve matching and memorizing the definitions of the words. Quizlet is very helpful for me. It helps me remember the words better, and it makes studying words more interesting rather than studying it on a piece of paper. There was this one time where I didn't remember much of the science vocabulary. The next day was the test, and it had all these vocabulary words. I turned to Quizlet, and I studied non-stop. I reviewed the flashcards, and I played the games. When I took the test the next day, I felt confident about the vocabulary because I knew that I remembered all of it very well. 
          I think this way of studying is very helpful. It's not that difficult to create either. It involves technology and most kids today have all kinds of technology devices. The games are also helpful too because they test you to see if you could match it with its definition. I wouldn't mind using this studying technique again in 8th grade. Quizlet is an easy and cool way to study almost anything (mostly vocabulary words). 

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