You're probably wondering what this project is about; well, here's a blog post all about it! The Paper Pet Family project was something we did in science class to help us understand genotypes and phenotypes better. We had to partner up with our partners for this project. We were the parents, and the six paper pets were our imaginary kids. To determine our genotypes, both of us flipped a coin twice. For example, my genotype was Tt and my partner's genotype was TT. We used that to determine our kids' genotypes. We had to flip the coin twice for every kid. After we determined all the genotypes, it was time to make the kids. The phenotype was based on what we got for the genotype, and there was a table of physical features that had the genotypes. 
         From this project, I learned more about genotypes and how it is transferred from the parents to the offspring. I know it isn't as simple as it was in class, but it gives a pretty good idea on how it's mainly done. This relates to my family and I in many ways. Well, for one, that was how all of us get our physical features. And two, it determines which trait we received the most from our parents, just like the Paper Pets.   

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