Overpopulation and limited resources can create competition. How can that be you ask? Well, it can created competition because if there are too many people, and the resources are limited to a small amount,  of course it will create competition. Take an animal and it's prey for example. There are probably other animals searching for that same prey, but there are a limited amount of that prey; that creates competition. 
         I think this type of problem can lead to evolution over time. I know that this type of problem can't last for long, because overpopulation ends. People only have one life, and eventually everybody will die. So it makes room for new generations. If it does happen, I think we will be able to adapt to it. Somethings things may run out, but there aren't always limited supplies of it. People will probably just get over it because not everybody likes the same thing. Evolution is an important role in human history. It helped our lives evolve and become something better and newer. This competition of limited resources and overpopulation can lead to evolution over time. 

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