The whole purpose of our zoo trip was to see our animal in person. Fortunately  we did get to see our animal, the Fiji Banded Iguana. I was very excited to see that it was there. It wasn't difficult finding it either. Well, anyway, I knew that that was our animal because I remember its appearance from images I have seen. It looked exactly like how it looks in pictures. During my research, I learned that my animal, the Fiji Banded Iguana, has a very long tail and a short crest of scales on its spine. That's exactly what I also saw in person. I also saw that it was living in a swamp type of environment.  The iguana that I seen had blues stripes on its body. I knew that it was a male because I learned that only the male iguanas have blue stripes.
         I'm glad I got to see my animal at the zoo because I would have been disappointed if I didn't. It's like learning about someone famous, or something famous, but in this case, it's just a simple animal I never learned about. It was like meeting a person. Nothing really surprised me when I saw my animal, nor did it change the research I did. It was exactly the animal I learned about. The reality was better in some ways than the research. The research helped me learn and find out more about my animal, but the reality gave me a good look of my animal.I definitely learned a lot from this project. The Fiji Banded Iguana is an awesome animal! 

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