I think the greatest scientific discovery in history, or in this case, discoveries, has to be finding fossils. Some people may think that's not the most interesting thing ever found, but I do. Fossils have changed the way people thought about Earth in many ways. From fossils, we are able to see how Earth was like billions of years ago. It's amazing how you can learn so much just from investigating a piece of old rock. To think that there were huge extinct animals roaming around Earth is also a crazy thought. Who knew there would be any of this special, unique animals around Earth if it wasn't for fossils? 
        Finding fossils is an on-going process. I'm pretty sure there are millions of fossils all over the world waiting to be discovered. The most commonly found fossils are of dinosaurs. Thanks to fossils, scientists can learn about all the different animals that use to live on Earth. Another thing that is also preserved from fossils are plants. These plants are usually extinct also and they show what those animals ate. There are many other things that have been found from fossils, such as insects, footprints, rocks, etc. Finding these fossils keep our mind curious which is a good thing. 

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