So as you've heard, the first quarter has ended and now we are on to the second quarter. I truly did enjoy my first quarter here at Computech; I learned many things. Some things I learned took place in science class. I learned many new things in that class and I'm glad I did. We did many activities in the 1st quarter. One of the interesting activities we did was bubble gum chewing. I think that was the most interesting activity we did in the first quarter.
     What is bubble gum chewing? Well, it's exactly as it's said. We chewed gum in class for 10 minutes, but stopping every two minutes. The purpose of the activity was to see if mass of the gum would increase or decrease in the 10 minutes that it is being chewed. We used a triple beam scale to measure the mass of the gum. It turns out the gum was decreasing every two minutes that we had to stop and check. During that activity, it was my first time using a triple beam scale. I'm glad I know how to use it because I know that it will be used a lot through out the year in science class. This activity was a good experience, and I hope we get to do more interesting activites like these in the next 3 quarters, including this one. 

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