There is a lot of things to know about DNA structure. First of all, DNA is made out of nucleotides. Nucleotides contain of deoxyribose sugar, phosphates, and a base. Everything is identical except the bases. There are four bases: adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. They are often represented by the first letter of their name - A, T, G, and C. A and T are always paired up, while G and C are paired together. These are called "base pairs." The structure of DNA is in a spiral form, known as double helix. On both sides of DNA, there are the nucleotides and in the middle are the based pairs held together by H bonds. I actually had the experience to see and build DNA structure in science class. It was very cool because I was able to actually see how it works. I plan on learning more about DNA structure. 
Ricardo Cortez
12/4/2012 03:33:53 am

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