The way DNA replicates before dividing is pretty simple. In science class, we had to build a model of DNA's double-helix. During that process, we also learned how the DNA replicates before it divides. So here's how it goes. First, the DNA stays as its usual self. Then the DNA splits right in the middle, and another strand that is complementary to the one that is left is attached to the old one. The new helix is the new copy of the DNA, and the old one is the original. I'm pretty sure that's how DNA replicates before it divides. I don't know to explain it any other way, so that is my description. We also had to write an essay about this blog topic on the day we took the science test. How DNA replicates is pretty simple, so if you want to learn more about it, you could always do extra research. I think that one helix that is taken away is attached to another DNA strand that is looking for a complementary side. 

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