In science class, we learned how to make a DNA ornament for Christmas. There were a lot of steps to the process, but eventually, it became easier as we kept working on it. The ornament wasn't only perfect for a Christmas tree, but it was also able to make earrings, a necklace, or anything else that you would like. Here are the steps we did when we were making the ornament. 
       The first step we did was picking out the beads and cutting the wire. The phosphates were white and gold, and the paired bases were red, green, blue, and yellow. After that, we started with the first pair. First, we put in the white and gold for the phosphates, then we put one color of the paired bases. We pushed that all the way to the center of the wire. Then we grabbed the wire and inserted that into the other end. We added the phosphate again and other color, but this time it was on the other wire. We kept repeating the process until we had no more beads. Along the way, the wire might get curled up, so you want to avoid that. 
       After inserting all the beads into the wire, we had a bit of wire left on the ends. With that, we put them through the white beads in the phosphates. Once it got to the end, we pulled it down. We repeated that step to the other side. At the end, it was tied up in a knot from Mrs. Poole which created a little hoop. That is how you make an DNA ornament! 

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