What I am currently learning about in science class is knowing how to measure in centimeters, meters, inches, etc. I think there's really not anything amazingly interesting about this concept. It's like practice for when we perform experiments that involve measuring and such. When we first measured objects around the classroom with a ruler, it was super easy for me, but it's always good to review what you already know.
     We are also learning how to round decimals to the nearest tenth, hundreths, etc. This concept was also like a review for me. I have not forgot how to round from all those years in elementary when I learned it. Decimals are usually involved when we measure things. 
     Yesterday, we learned how to find the volume of an object. It is also another easy concept for me. We measured objects around the classroom, wrote down the length, width, and height, and plugged in the formula. Basically, what we are learning about in science right now is mostly review. I can't wait until we perform actual experiments.

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