Today is Friday and I'm super duper excited!! Winter break is finally here and I can't wait until I get home because I'm going to do nothing at all! This whole winter break I just want to relax. But my blog post is not about this because I already blogged about it. My blog post is about basketball tryouts!!! Yes, I'm so excited for that because I really want to make the basketball team AND I love basketball!!
         What really sucks is that I have to wait 3 whole weeks! But I guess that is also good because it  gives me extra time to practice. This will be my first time trying out for a sports team at school. I really hope I make the team. I will show everybody who doubted me how much I can do. I have already been practicing, and I say I have been getting better. Hopefully I could obtain good grades for the 3rd quarter also. I don't want to join a sport and then see a sudden change in my grades. So my goal for the 3rd quarter is to make the basketball team, and get straight A's again. I hope everything goes great for me in the 3rd quarter. 
   I'm so glad that today is Friday! One more week of school, and then we will have winter vacation for 3 weeks! During my winter vacation, I hope I get to relax, spend time with my family, eat some good food, and also to open presents!!!  Another reason why I'm excited for winter break because it will give me extra time to practice for the tryouts for the girls' basketball team! Yes, I'm very looking forward to that because I LOVE basketball, and I would absolutely love it even more if I was able to play for my awesome school. I think I will have a good winter break this year.. but I will also miss *cough"notmiss"cough* school. 
     This weekend. What I plan on doing this weekend is practice some basketball and maybe clean my room. I don't have much planned, which is good because it gives me more time to chill. What will you be doing for winter break ? 
     Our last night's homework assignment was to read an article called "Struggle for Smarts." While reading that, I had to keep in mind why we were assigned to read that article. Well, from reading it, I learned that people have different perspective towards intelligence and everyone has different opinions about it. In that article, education in the eastern and western cultures were being compared. There was a person who went to Japan to observe a class, and there was a kid who was struggling with a problem. He didn't give up though; he worked through it until he finally got it right. But as in America, kids would usually give up because they haven't learned it or it's just too difficult. In most classrooms, teachers would call up the one who does it quickly to solve the problem, but not the one who is having the most trouble with it. So what I'm saying is that, struggling will help you learn more. If everything was easy, you wouldn't learn anything because you aren't challenging yourself.