Our last night's homework assignment was to read an article called "Struggle for Smarts." While reading that, I had to keep in mind why we were assigned to read that article. Well, from reading it, I learned that people have different perspective towards intelligence and everyone has different opinions about it. In that article, education in the eastern and western cultures were being compared. There was a person who went to Japan to observe a class, and there was a kid who was struggling with a problem. He didn't give up though; he worked through it until he finally got it right. But as in America, kids would usually give up because they haven't learned it or it's just too difficult. In most classrooms, teachers would call up the one who does it quickly to solve the problem, but not the one who is having the most trouble with it. So what I'm saying is that, struggling will help you learn more. If everything was easy, you wouldn't learn anything because you aren't challenging yourself. 

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