Today is Friday and I'm super duper excited!! Winter break is finally here and I can't wait until I get home because I'm going to do nothing at all! This whole winter break I just want to relax. But my blog post is not about this because I already blogged about it. My blog post is about basketball tryouts!!! Yes, I'm so excited for that because I really want to make the basketball team AND I love basketball!!
         What really sucks is that I have to wait 3 whole weeks! But I guess that is also good because it  gives me extra time to practice. This will be my first time trying out for a sports team at school. I really hope I make the team. I will show everybody who doubted me how much I can do. I have already been practicing, and I say I have been getting better. Hopefully I could obtain good grades for the 3rd quarter also. I don't want to join a sport and then see a sudden change in my grades. So my goal for the 3rd quarter is to make the basketball team, and get straight A's again. I hope everything goes great for me in the 3rd quarter. 

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