Today is Friday, and it's a rally day! Woohoo! And most importantly, Spring Break starts today!! Yayyyyy! I'm so happy that we will be away from school for one whole week! I will miss some of my teachers and friends though. I hope today's rally is fun; Rally day means that the schedule is shorter, which is good because the day goes by faster. For this whole spring break, I plan on relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. 
      I wonder how the rally is going to be? I think the pig kissing is going to happen today too! I'm excited for that. I also heard from 8th graders that it wasn't too exciting. I can't wait to see all the different designs and games they have for this rally. It's definitely going to be fun.  Well I hope everybody has a good spring break. 
I can't believe this season is over! It's so sad just to think about it. It's only been a day, but I already miss practice so much! I miss being with my team and my coach, and I miss having fun with them. Practice was always fun, and the games we played against other schools were always exciting and challenging. I really love my team because I think we are one of the best! I'm not just saying that because it's my school, but I really mean it. Although we lost 2 games, they were both very close, and we tried our best and worked hard. Like they say, it doesn't matter how many times you fall, but it matters how many times you get back up! There were many more things that I loved about basketball season, but most of all, that it was BASKETBALL. My favorite sport in the whole entire world. 
          I learned so much from this season. Before I was on the team, I was already practicing but I was still weak. Now that I practiced almost everyday, I've gotten better. I'm glad I did too. And I'm so proud of all of my teammates trying their hardest through out every game, especially those scoring 10-15 points every game! That takes a lot of practice and determination. I'm also glad that we had an amazing coach. She was just the best, and without her we wouldn't be doing things right. I really, really am going to miss this team, but hopefully we will all be together in the VARSITY team for 8th grade!!! And hopefully we take it to the championships! :D TIGER PRIDE ALL DAY! 
It's Friday! I'm very glad that this week is coming to an end. It has been a busy, tiring week of school and I'm ready to do something that is relaxing to me: stay home, sleep, eat, and ball! This week, I had a STAR writing test in 5th period, a history test in Core, a quiz in pre-algebra. This week involved a lot of studying and organization.  Hopefully the next week is not as stressful as this one. My grades have also been horrible! All of my grades are A's, except in pre-algebara! I have a B!! I'm also planning on re-doing all of my work so that I will get straight A's for the 3rd quarter again. Hopefully it all works out! I also plan on finishing my book for Reading Counts. I need to quickly reach my goal before it is too late! Well, I hope all you guys have a good weekend! 
Woohoo! It is the first of March, and it's Friday! I'm always excited for the weekend because I can finally get away from school, and relax. Too bad it is not a 3 day-weekend though! This weekend should be fun because it's my brother's birthday. He is getting very old, but it's okay, his age is still kind of young.  This weekend I look forward to hanging out with my friends, playing basketball, and catching up with late assignments for homework. It will just be another chill weekend.
            As more weeks pass by, basketball season is coming to an end soon. I'm so sad that in the next 2 weeks, the season will be over!! I have grown to play with my teammates. I have learned so much, and I honestly think that I have gotten better. This season has showed me a lot about myself. Just 4 more games, and we're done! I'm sad that we lost to Tenaya, but I know that's our first and last game we'll ever lose! GO LADY TIGERS!