It's Friday! I'm very glad that this week is coming to an end. It has been a busy, tiring week of school and I'm ready to do something that is relaxing to me: stay home, sleep, eat, and ball! This week, I had a STAR writing test in 5th period, a history test in Core, a quiz in pre-algebra. This week involved a lot of studying and organization.  Hopefully the next week is not as stressful as this one. My grades have also been horrible! All of my grades are A's, except in pre-algebara! I have a B!! I'm also planning on re-doing all of my work so that I will get straight A's for the 3rd quarter again. Hopefully it all works out! I also plan on finishing my book for Reading Counts. I need to quickly reach my goal before it is too late! Well, I hope all you guys have a good weekend! 
3/12/2013 08:41:17 am

Compared to me you have better grades. Well I hope they go up.


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