Woohoo! It is the first of March, and it's Friday! I'm always excited for the weekend because I can finally get away from school, and relax. Too bad it is not a 3 day-weekend though! This weekend should be fun because it's my brother's birthday. He is getting very old, but it's okay, his age is still kind of young.  This weekend I look forward to hanging out with my friends, playing basketball, and catching up with late assignments for homework. It will just be another chill weekend.
            As more weeks pass by, basketball season is coming to an end soon. I'm so sad that in the next 2 weeks, the season will be over!! I have grown to play with my teammates. I have learned so much, and I honestly think that I have gotten better. This season has showed me a lot about myself. Just 4 more games, and we're done! I'm sad that we lost to Tenaya, but I know that's our first and last game we'll ever lose! GO LADY TIGERS! 

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