You may have learned this topic in elementary. In case you have forgot, here is a blog post to refresh your memory! Lets say that there is a circle with a radius of 3 ft. To find the area, you would simply multiply Pi by R^2. So in this case, it would be 3.14 times 9. I got the 9 from the squaring 3. The area of the circle would be 28.26 ft. That wasn't too difficult, right? Now how do you find the circumference of a circle? That isn't difficult either!
       You can find out the circumference from using two measurements, the radius or the diameter. The diameter would be easier to use because it takes a fewer steps and it gets you the same answer if you use the radius. The formula for finding the circumference is c=3.14xD. In this case, the diameter would be 6 feet. Plug in the numbers then times by Pi. The formula for the radius is c=2x3.14xR. Plug in the numbers and use the formula. 

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