For today's math blog, we were to play this very interesting math game. In that math game, you were suppose to find the difference of the two numbers that was on that side the of the frame; there was a total of four numbers in each frame. There were also 3 levels: integers, fractions, and decimals. The one that was very easy for me to figure it out was the level with the integers. I think that was level was the easiest for me because I understand all the rules when adding, subtracting, mulitplying, and dividing integers. For example, the problem was -2 subtracted from 7. I knew the answer to that was 5 because 7 was the largest number and it was positive. The sign of the answer always comes from the largest number. I had no difficulties while playing that level. 
     I did have some problems with the other two levels, though. The most difficult one for me out of the three levels was the fractions. I think I had the most trouble with that one because some of the fractions did not have common denominators. I have yet to learn how to subtract fractions with unlike denominators in an easy and fast way. I eventually found out though because I looked online. The easiest way was to cross mulitply, and then add, and then add the denominators for the common denominator. I found that very easy and it also worked. I'm glad I learned how to do that because it is very helpful. 
    I didn't have much trouble with the decimals, expect that some numbers had me thinking for awhile. I think the reason why I had trouble was because there was more than one number and there was a decimal. But overall, I enjoyed playing that math game. 

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