Our post today is explain the steps of solving the problem, 2x-7=15. This problem is an example of an multi-step equation because it involves more than one operation. Well anyway, the whole objective of the problem is to solve for x. The first thing you would do is add seven to the answer (15) and to itself (7). The reason why you would add the seven to both sides is because you have to get rid of it in order to have x by itself. It is in addition because you are doing the opposite of subtraction. Once you do that, the problem should now be, 2x=22.
     Before it was simplified, it was difficult to solve right? Now that it's simplified, you can easily solve it now. 2x=22. You divide 2 on both sides. So that means, you would put a line beneath 2x and 22 and have 2 under it. The line represents division. Once you do that, you are left with x and the answer. If you did this correctly, you should have gotten 11 as "x" because two times 11 equals 22. 

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