The possiblities of math methods are endless. There is solving from left to right, using specific operations, doing opposite operations, etc. But sometimes there is that one math problem where you have to do it one specific way. I have some methods of solving math problems, all depending on the type of math problem. 
      The first thing I always do when a math problem is given is look at it and read the directions. That is a required method of course! Then depending on the problem, I figure out what to do. Honestly, I don't really have favorite methods. I just do what I have to. But if it's like, solving for x when it's on both sides of the equation, I drag the x that is on the right side of the equation to the left side and perform the opposite operation because I think that is more simple, even though if you do it the other way, you will still get the same answer. There are many math methods. So what are some of your favorites? 

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