Math is my 2nd favorite subject. We have reviewed and learned many things in math class. Today, we learned about rational and irrational numbers. 
     I thought I knew what it was all about, but I was wrong. It turned out to be something I haven't really learned in 6th grade. Rational and irrational numbers have to deal with converting fractions into decimals, identifying the decimal as a rational or irrational number, converting decimals into fractions, finding equivalent fractions, etc. The part that I was getting confused on was identifying the decimal as a rational or irrational number. I thought I knew the difference between rational and irrational numbers, but I was wrong again. A rational number is when a decimal terminates or repeats; a irrational number is when a decimal goes on forever. When Mrs.Pope, my math teacher, solved another problem and went through the steps, I was like "Ohhhhhh, I understand this now!" This concept wasn't so difficult after all. After that, I was doing all those problems like a boss! 
     I probably did not understand that concept at first because I haven't done it in so long or I'm not use to doing it all the time. Once I learned it, it was a piece of cake! 

11/8/2012 04:29:38 am

Look after the periods in your blog. Ther should be two spaces after each one.


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